March 15th, 2012 by Gillian Anderson Online

March 15th, 2012 by Gillian Anderson Online

I’ve add two photoshoot of Gillian from her upcoming revealing interview for OUT Magazine.

GAO_OUT_Magazine_001.jpg GAO_OUT_Magazine_002.jpg

March 15th, 2012 by Gillian Anderson Online

In the pages of this month’s Out Magazine, Gillian Anderson reflects on her life thus far — and the relationships that have formed along the way. With some hesitation, it seemed, she revealed that one of her past loves was with a woman.

In this month’s edition of OUT, Anderson detailed some of the relationships she’s had in her life, including one with a woman:

“I was in a relationship with a girl for a long time when I was in high school, and then I was in a relationship with a punk rock drug addict. … Yeah, yeah, well it’s… You know, I’m old enough that I can talk about that.”

She continued,

“If I had thought I was 100% gay, would it have been a different experience for me?Would it have been a bigger deal if shame had been attached to it and all those things that become huge life-altering issues for youngsters in that situation? It’s possible that my attitude around it came, on some level, from knowing that I still liked boys.”

Immediately my mind goes to the die-hard “X-Files” fans. Does this take away from the years and years of “X-Files” fanfic that revolved around a Mulder/Scully relationship — or does it just spice things up enough for a whole new slew of fic?

You go, girl.


March 15th, 2012 by Gillian Anderson Online

The “X-Files” actress, no stranger to period television, says she was originally approached to star on the hit British series.

The British series, which has been a stateside success on PBS, apparently wanted to cast Gillian Anderson in one of its lead roles

The 43-year-old X-Files actress, next appearing on PBS’ Masterpiece Classic update of Great Expectations, told TV Guide Magazine that she was originally approached to star on the Emmy-winning series.

STORY: ‘Downton Abbey’ Creator Julian Fellowes Writing Adaptation of ‘Gypsy’

“Hopefully people will embrace it with the same love that flowed toward Downton Abbey,” Anderson said of her upcoming period piece. “I was actually offered a part in Downton.”

She later admitted the role was Elizabeth McGovern’s Cora Crawley.

Anderson is no stranger to PBS’ Masterpiece or Dickensian television — she starred in 2005’s Bleak House mini — but her participation would have presented a small issue for Downton Abbey: she’s a bit young to play the matriarch.

McGovern is seven years her senior. It’s not a lot, but it makes quite a difference considering Anderson is just 13 years older than Downton’s oldest daughter Mary (Michelle Dockery). Still, this is a woman who’s playing the the withered spinster Miss Havisham in Great Expectations, a character Dickens’ placed in her mid-50s.

Downton Abbey is currently filming its third season. It will debut later this year in Britain, with a stateside premiere expected for early 2013.


March 8th, 2012 by Gillian Anderson Online

Add some old Events Pictures of Gillian into our Gallery. More to came soon!!

[ 001 ] – Home > Events & Public Appearances > 1999 > PETA’s Honour Awards Ceremony at Paramount studios in Hollywood,CA. – September 18, 1999.

[ 001 ] – Home > Events & Public Appearances > 1999 > 51st Annual Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, CA. – September 13, 1999.

[ 001 ] – Home > Events & Public Appearances > 2000 > Blockbuster Awards – Arrivals. Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA. May 09, 2000.

[ 002 ] – Home > Events & Public Appearances > 2001 > SAG Awards event arrivals red carpet – March 2001

[ 001 ]- Home > Events & Public Appearances > 2001 > Golden Globes arrivals red carpet award – January 21

[ 015 ] – Home > Events & Public Appearances > 2002 > The X-Files 200th Episode Party FOX Studios, Los Angelas, CA. April 05 2002.

March 7th, 2012 by Gillian Anderson Online

At the surprisingly tiny height of 5’2″, Gillian Anderson was a full 10 inches shorter than her X-Files co-star David Duchovny. So, how did the crew save Anderson from having to jump up and down so she wasn’t having some important, expository conversation with Duchovny’s nipples? The answer is an apple box, a common tool used for a lot of television and film actors whose height doesn’t really jibe with other actors in a scene. Generally, they are 8″x20″x12″, but since the height disparity between the X-Files stars was exceptionally great, Anderson’s slightly higher “Scully Box” was measured at about “an apple and a half.” The actress actually referred to it as the “Gilly Box,” and sometimes she would forget she was on it — and then fall off the box during a serious scene.

You’re thinking about how much you miss The X-Files now, aren’t you? So are we. We are not alone.


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